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I'm new to this community, looks good though :)
Obv, Im a reading fanatic.
here's a list of my top books:
1)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-J.K.R
2)Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-J.K.R
3)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-J.K.R
4)Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-J.K.R
5)Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-J.K.R
6)Harry Potter and the Philisophers Stone-J.K.R
7)Harry Potter  and the Prisoner of Azkaban-J.K.R
8)Eragon(first book)-Christopher Paolini
9)A Midsummer Nights Dream-Shakespeare
10)All Narnia Books-C.S Lewis

I'm a massive Harry Potter fan.
Did anyone else cry at the thought that the last book has actually been released
Any other HP fans here?

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