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Gone with the Wind

Promise not to hurt me, but I wrote a GWTW fanfic. pleas be kind.

The saloon was strangely quiet for this time of night. Belle Watling sat in the plush sitting room she kept in the upstairs of her saloon, waiting. She knew he would be here tonight. After all, it was Friday night. He was always there on Friday nights. She thought as she waited. She knew he never wanted her, at least not in the same way she wanted him. She knew of the nature of the arrangement,  but tonight, tonight was different. She knew it in her soul. Belle's thought were interrupted by a rash knock on her door. This was the first time anyone has knocked before entering. Without thinking, Belle yelled “Come in!” in her customary fashion.
     He appeared in the doorway. Tall dark and handsome, if a bit rugged. There he was, Rhett Butler. Belle was overcome with emotion, but she kept her cool on the outside.
    “Hello Belle.”
    “Hi Rhett.”
    “You look good.”
    “Shall we?”
    “Of course.”
He came toward her. She stood, waiting. Almost instantly, her dress was off, revealing black lingerie. Belle never wore a girdle, or a hoop skirt, as was the custom of Atlanta ladies. She wore the sleeker fashions found in Paris. As soon as she was semi-naked, Rhett's trousers were off, and his shirt unbuttoned. This ritual was always observed by them, this mechanical sort of love making. Belle kept telling herself that tonight would be different.
     After the disrobing ritual, Rhett showed uncharacteristic passion. He grabbed his intended, and kissed her long and hard. She broke all of the unwritten rules, and kissed him back on the mouth. She felt his hands on her body, running up her thighs, her back, her neck. Her hands her all over him, his back, his neck. By now he had her on the floor. This was not new to them, they usually performed these acts wherever there was room. At this time, her brassiere was of, his mouth was on her bare breast. She felt this many times before, but was never particularly fond of it. Tonight she was.
     Belle felt Rhett lift her, and rest her on the bed in the other room. He proceeded to make love to her. He was unbridled, angry, and passionate. He loved her with a fervor that she had never seen before. She returned his passion,his fervor, his anger. She knew he loved her, deep inside. Not just in this way, but as he loved his wife, and his many other conquests. He stopped. He rolled over beside her and whispered in her ear “ Belle, you're one hell of a woman.”
     In her mind she knew. She knew that this meant he loved her in they she had wanted him to, after all those years, he finally loved her. Capitan Rhett Butler and Belle Watling had a language all their own. A code really, so none of Belle's girls or any of the saloon patrons would know what they were talking about. Everyone thought they were in love, and wondered why they were not man and wife. It was public opinion that Capitan Rhett and Miss Belle were perfect for each other. Belle, as a woman of action, decided to take some and speak to her beloved.
    “Darling, that was wonderful.”
    “Thank you Belle.”
    “Rhett, I-”
    “I love you.”
    “Belle, I- I don't know what to say.”
    “Well, you could say you loved me back.”
    “Belle, I'm a married man, I have a wife and child to think of.”
    “Honey, I've known you for too long a time to fall for that line. If you were thinking of Mrs.
    Scarlett O'Hara Wilkes Kennedy Butler, you would not be here with me right now. You would
    be at home, doing to her what you just did to me.”
    “Belle, you always were a hard woman to fool, and I suppose that's why you're so damn
    charming. You and Scarlett are very much a like. Both hard headed shrewd business women.
    But you have something she doesn't have Belle. You have a heart. Too big a heart for a
    woman in this business, if you ask me.”
    “You could have saved me from this business and this reputation long ago and we both know
    it. Now go back to your wife.”
She felt him kiss her again. Accompanied with “I could never go back now” from Capitan Butler. He though he could never face his wife again, but Belle knew he had to. She knew the values of family, her own disowning her for several reasons, the first being she had an illegitimate son several years before. Now, that she knew he loved her in the way she longed for, she couldn't take advantage of it. She couldn't break up the home of Scarlett, now on of the most prominent figures of Atlanta society, due almost entirely to her marriage to Rhett.
     Belle never liked Scarlett O'Hara. But she could not steal the woman's husband. After all, Rhett and Scarlett had a child, and Belle could not take that away from them. She knew what it was like to have her child taken away. There was another reason she could not force Rhett to leave his wife: Melanie Wilkes. Belle knew Melanie was close with the Butler family, she was Scarlett's sister in law. Melanie Wilkes was the only woman in town that was ever nice to Belle Watling. She took Belles money for the cause. She openly said hello in public to Belle, when the other women of the town sneered and turned their noses at her. No, Belle wouldn't dream of breaking up a family.
    “Rhett, you have to go back to her. You have a child to think of now.”
    “But what about us?”
    “You know I'll always be here for you. You know that. Whenever you get sick of your wife,
    Ol' Belle Watling will be here to help you. Now go, She's waiting.”
    “Belle, I don't care what those old crones say. You are an honorable noble woman. And, in
    my honest opinion, one hell of a girl.”
    “Thank you Capitan Butler.”
     Rhett left. Belle knew that he would go home, drink heavily and retire to his quarters. She knew he would be back, on one of those nights where he couldn't take her anymore. He'd show up to the saloon, disheveled and very drunk, looking for Belle. She'd take him in, as she had for sixteen years. Sixteen years. Her son would be about sixteen now. Belle Always thought that her son was fathered by Capitan Butler, but there was really no way to be sure. But Belle always kept solace in the hope that young Joe Watling was possibly Rhett's son. She never told anyone this. But it was there. Whenever Rhett came to her, it was there. Whenever Joe visited, it was there. She sighed and sunk into her chair. Tonight was a good night.

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