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Louise's Corner.

wow- a group for me!

hi everyone- i'm louise, i'm 16 and i love reading and really want to be a writer. i'm a geek with edge!
anyway, here are my top books....

Ian McEwan- Atonement- i take pride in being someone who read it before any whisper of a film being made!
Audrey Niffenger- The Time Traveller's Wife- AMAZING book!
Jodi Picoult- My Sister's Keeper- i highly recommend
J.D Salinger- Catcher in the Rye
Alice Sebold- The lovely Bones
Jane Austen- Pride and Prejudice- no justification is needed as to why this is on this list!
J.K Rowling- The Harry Potter Series- You couldn't not include it
William Shajespeare- Romeo and Juliet
Neil Gaiman- Coraline- very weird book, but good!

curently wading through.....

Jack Kerouac- On The Road
Ian McEwan- On Chesil Beach
"            "      - Saturday
J.M Barrie- Peter Pan (i had a sudden urge to revist childhood)
Russell Brand- My Booky Wook (i love the guy!)
Neil Gaiman- Stardust
Phillip Pullman- Noprthern Lights

i have a terrib;e habit of reading loads of books at once!

Summer Reading list.....

pride and prejudice again
the kite runner
the book theif
and some other classics
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